Web Application Development

Web Application Development Company

Our speciality is developing secure, streamlined, engaging web applications with cross-browser compatibility. To achieve this we use responsive designs (to work on phone, tablet, laptop and larger screens) and a range of back-end technologies including Microsoft and open source solutions.


Secure & responsive web apps for your business

The watchwords with web applications are security and flexibility. Our responsive solutions allow the end user, whether they are internal staff or customers around the world, to access your website on their preferred device with no loss of functionality.

Through regular penetration testing, audits and updates we also ensure that your website is as secure as possible. We are ISO 27001 certified and this means we are always reviewing our business practices, hardware solutions and software development to ensure it is as secure as it can be.

Custom web applications to fit around you

No two people like to work the same way, and companies are no different. We at Verasseti like to understand the way you work and then apply this to the way we develop your applications. Everything from what devices and browser versions you use, to whether you like to access from home, office or mobile, will be considered to come up with the ideal responsive design.

We are not here to tell you how to do things, you already know your business, we believe our skills are in adapting your methods into a secure and robust web application.

"Our customers regularly tell us that they love, yes love, our website. And this is an e-commerce site, where people place orders and have to part with money. I never thought that would be possible."