Software integration solutions

Modern systems are often made up of a variety of different separate applications. This fragmented approach can mean that data has to be moved between applications on a weekly, daily or even real-time basis.

There are a number of tools and technologies available to integrate systems together and the best technical solution can often be hard to identify.

What is software integration?

Software integration is a process of combining or refining data and applications across multiple platforms into a seamless single application or compatible group of systems.

Integration process

As with all of the services we provide, we begin by working with you to understand your goals and objectives. We then review the technical requirements and put together the most appropriate solution that will deliver everything you need.

How we can assist?

Our extensive experience of system integration covers all modern and many legacy technologies, as well as the most popular software packages (including SAP, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Siebel, Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce). There are very few integration challenges that we haven't come across before.

Software Integration
Our swanky new e-commerce platform captures orders, however they are actually fulfilled by our legacy ERP system. Verasseti had to build a bespoke interface from scratch. They quickly understood the legacy system and had the interface up and running in under a month. We do £50M of trade each year over that interface and it has never let us down.

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