Software Project Rescue

Software Project Rescue

Has your in-house developer left for another job? Is your software developer's offshore call centre not returning your calls? Has a recent software update meant that your legacy application no longer runs?


We are here to help whatever the situation. From taking over pet projects of staff who have moved on, to finishing off an application that was started with best intentions but stalled for any number of reasons, we are here to assist.

Recovering your project

There are any number of reasons why an application development project might stall or come to a halt. We are familiar with many of them, since we have a strong track record in taking on projects that everyone else is backing away from. We are comfortable in a range of technologies from Microsoft at one end to Java and open source solutions at the other, and we'll do our best to get your stalled project through to a successful conclusion.

How we can help

  • Full project audits and software inspections
  • Expert advice in a number of key technologies
  • Full development and hosting solutions ready to go - whoever started your project, we can finish it
  • Help with testing / UAT and understanding what needs fixing
  • Project management and consultancy services
  • Legacy system migration and re-development including lost source code recovery. If it worked before, then we can get it working again and probably make it faster and more robust in the process

Staying on track with us

We prefer our clients to think of us as part of their IT team rather than just a third party contractor. We'll always be looking to advise and help with project management, development, testing, data migration and hosting. Whatever you need to ensure your software project is a success.

"We spent two years working with an offshore company on a system that would be core to our business. After two years of very stressful work, the company just disappeared. Literally stopped answering our calls or e-mails without any warning. We found Verasseti by accident and it's no exaggeration to say they have saved our bacon."