Source Code Recovery

Source Code Recovery

Losing your source code can be a real headache, but we are here to help you with that. We can recover or redevelop lost source code and can also assist with repairing broken source code repositories.


Lost source code can be a real problem with time-consuming problematical fixes. You could re-develop the application but it would never be exactly as it was and you run the risk of introducing more bugs. The other option is to go for source code recovery.

Recovering source code

We can assist with recovering source code for most popular technologies, including Microsoft .Net, Java and Objective C. This means we can preserve the original program logic, find "lost" source code in compiled executables or web servers, decode complicated binary files or rebuild broken source code repositories.

Experienced professionals

We have a great depth of real-world development skills in most current and legacy software development tools. This gives us a great advantage in helping you get your application up and running again. If all else fails we are the perfect partner to re-create your application and leave you with working and editable source code to continue your development journey.

"Our iPad app was built by a company who no longer seem to be trading. I didn't even know what source code was until I was told that our app couldn't be changed without it! We thought we would have to rebuild the app from scratch - Verasseti explained there was a quicker and much cheaper way."