How we can make a difference

Our approach is robust, scalable and flexible, but customised to your specific business process challenges. Most importantly, we listen, and we'll then give you our honest insights and advice. We'll do what we say, in the timeframe and to budget.

We'll talk in plain English, not techno-babble, and suggest the best way forward based upon your needs, not ours.

A typical scenario might be that the business is demanding a new system to improve a current process (often one that relies on Excel or Access), but the IT department do not have the resource to deliver this.

We consult with the business, identify the requirements, design and then build the ideal solution, all the while keeping IT as involved as they wish to be and delivering a solution that conforms to their own standards.

We are rooted across the following five principles:

  • Ethical: We’re fair, open and transparent with our clients, employees and partners
  • Integrity: We have integrity and we won’t suggest a course of action which is misguided or has little value
  • Veracious: We pride ourselves on our honesty. We'll only take on client projects where we’re confident of success
  • Collaborative: We’ll work in close partnership with our clients, and will remain open to feedback. We strongly believe it’s about working together towards a mutual outcome
  • Agile: We’re customer-centric and will react quickly to requests. We are agile and flexible enough to evolve a project, but will always meet the goals set

we can help with

We often provide solutions within the following areas...

  • Web development
  • Mobile/app development
  • Database development
  • Support to agreed SLAs
  • Secure hosting
  • Business consultancy
  • Process improvement

...but we'll only know how we can help you best once we've listened to you and understand your objectives.
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client success story

    One of their strengths is building websites that are mobile-friendly, ensuring our application works on all possible devices.

A leading on-line travel company wanted to explore innovative ways for people to search for and purchase package holidays on-line.

Having completed a great deal of research, we put together a series of examples that pushed the boundaries of what's technically possible.

Our work has helped to keep this company at the forefront of their industry for years to come.

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