Software Packages

Verasseti provides a comprehensive range of software packages designed to match all the needs of a progressive business.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

We are able to provide a comprehensive customer relationship management framework which is scalable. Verasseti V.CRM software will streamline your processes to build lasting customer relationships, improve service and thereby increase sales and profitability. Gain overviews of monthly or annual statistics accessed anywhere in real-time with responsive contact management screens.

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E-Commerce Software

Whatever your specific e-commerce needs, B2B, B2C, C2C, C2B, B2A or C2A our Verasseti V.Commerce software can help. We can supply a fully customisable shop with comprehensive back office system. Included is a responsive shop front that can integrate with any payment portal, and you will be able to make notifications via email or SMS. Inventory management screens keep you up to date on the movement of goods and the status of stock, with the advantage of real-time reporting.

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Customer Portal Software

In order to build up those customer relationships, we offer responsive customer portal software in V.Interact. This provides a fully responsive client interface into your back office system so that clients can directly access your company website for a self-service experience without the need for company interaction. Features include drag and drop file uploads, real-time messaging and notification via email or SMS.

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Sales Invoicing Software

Speedy invoice management is essential for your sales service, and to improve your cash flow. Our Verasseti software package, V.Sales, provides a fully secure and manageable invoicing solution. Automated invoices and reminders are linked directly to your business systems. Our software provides real-time reporting and graphical output, plus a fully auditable invoice history.

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Customer Satisfaction Software

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of your business. Satisfied customers will come back again and again and be the best advert your business could hope for. We provide interactive customer facing screens for gathering ratings and feedback, linked to comprehensive reporting tools. Customisable reports and feedback screens will keep you on top of how your customers are feeling and notifications are provided by email or SMS.

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Bonus and Incentive Management Software

Bonus and incentive management software, V.Incentives, from Verasseti, offers support to managers who are looking for a strategic approach to using their compensation budget to optimum effect. Our software enables complex bonus and incentive issues to be resolved in an easy-to-use updated package. Sensitive data is kept secure in a comprehensive package that also allows for real-time graphs and reporting with a fully auditable history.

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Product Management Software

The Verasseti Product Management software, V.Products, organises everything from determining stock levels to logistics in one simple to use package, and you can monitor progress in real time producing graphs and reports. Our software is scalable so that it accommodates all your needs as your business grows and expands. It is fully secure and managed, and provides you with a full auditable history.

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Inventory Management / Scanning Software

You can manage all your production processes and plan ahead with V.Assets. This is an easy to use scanning and inventory management system which plugs seamlessly into your back office solution. The system is fully secure and compatible with all the well-known scanner brands and allows for updating and scanning both on and off-line.

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Pricing and Discounting Software

Get your pricing strategy right and it will have a direct effect on your profit through sales. Get your discounting right and it will drive your sales. The balance is not easy to achieve, but V.Pricing from Verasseti will simplify your pricing and discount management. It allows you to manage prices across multiple markets providing real-time graphs and reporting. You will be able to integrate with multiple data sources and of course, preserve the security of your sensitive data.

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Purchase Order Management Software

Speed up and simplify your purchasing orders, manage your outgoings and incoming supplies digitally with V.Purchasing from Verasseti. This is a fully interactive, purchase order raising, management and reporting system. The software integrates easily with your back office solution to print your purchase orders on your stationery with custom designs. The system is fully expandable to grow with you as your business grows.

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Financial Reporting Software

In a competitive market place, you have to keep the financial status of your business at your fingertips. V.Model, from Verasseti, is the logical progression from spreadsheets. It is a fully responsive, customisable and secure financial reporting system. The system is able to import data from multiple sources and provides real-time reporting and graphs. It is a fully secure system with selected access to management and exportation of financial data.

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Grants / Donations / Volunteer Management Software

A must-have management tool for charities and all volunteer run organisations. V.Third.Sector from Verasseti is the complete package for non-profit making organisations to be able to keep track of income from awards of grants and donations, and also to manage and induct the volunteer labour force. The system features customisable feedback screens, notifications via email or SMS, real-time reporting and is fully auditable.

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Scheduling Software

Be able to manage your busy office to optimum effect and get the best out of the resources available for maximum productivity. Verasseti scheduling software, V.Scheduling, allows you to organise your workforce with respect to time opportunities available in order to improve efficiency. You can manage your resources in real time, identify scheduling gaps and employ a variety of tools to complete rosters. It is not a problem if there are both internal and external staff, the system copes with both situations and prompts to fill vacancies. Real-time dashboard reporting and notifications via email or SMS.

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Real-time Display Screens Software

Sharing and imparting information can be essential to your business success. Instead of outmoded notice boards and printouts use widescreen auto-refreshing real-time display screens. Effective for business metrics and imparting a host of other essential information. V.Display can be used for any type of display in real-time and features competitor mode which hides sensitive business-critical data at the touch of a button.

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Dashboard / Report Writer / Builder Software

Picking the right reporting software is important. Reporting has never been easier than with Verasseti V.Analytics. Dashboard display for ease of access to a variety of data including drag and drop report creation with graphs which can be exported to the spreadsheet of your choice. Simple and complex report building. Reports can be scheduled, shared with different users or delivered to your inbox. The software also incorporates the ability to quarantine sensitive data.

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Content Management Software

Verasseti provides the tools for you to manage the digital content of your website. V.Content allows you to keep your web content updated and published ‘in the box’. It provides the opportunity to add and edit a wide variety of content including embedding video and other multimedia presentations. You are given fully responsive content management screens and have the ability to restrict viewing, writing and publishing.

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Audit Management Software

Audit management made easy with Verasseti V.Integrity. Our software audit management package allows you to dispense with the humdrum repetitive admin tasks and focus your attention on the areas that will make your business more successful and profitable. The package includes responsive audit task prompts, drag and drop evidence in any format, easy reporting and real-time statistics, with reminders by email or SMS. The system is secure and fully auditable so can be used to show processes properly completed via audit trails.

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Helpdesk Software

The best customer support always keeps customers well informed. You can do this with V.Helpdesk which is an interactive, responsive system for managing issues and software updates. It features responsive ticket submission screens allowing for easier organizing and management of issues, resulting in faster resolution times. Access from anywhere in real-time with instant reporting. Fully transparent to the client with comprehensive audit tools and end of year statistics.

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