Application Support & Maintenance

Application Support & Maintenance

So you've got your responsive state-of-the-art business application installed and running, what happens now?

New web browsers and devices come along all the time, trends change and software becomes obsolete. How do you respond?


Our proactive attitude to support means that we are always ready with updates to keep your application working with the latest technology. We make sure that our own environment always has the latest infrastructure technology and we contact our clients proactively to offer updates and compatibility fixes for their applications.

Activities involved

Key activities are those related to keeping both your hardware and software running securely in an ever-changing IT landscape. We always look to implement the following:

  • Advising when new devices and browsers may require changes to your application
  • Running penetration tests and acting on the results
  • Loading software patches and upgrades
  • Testing business continuity actions and amending plans where required

Bug fixing

Bespoke systems usually means an increased chance of bugs creeping into the code. Our shared-code approach helps eliminate these issues from large parts of your core software code. Chances are that if there is a bug, one of our clients will have come across it in testing and we then act to ensure all systems that share the same code are updated. We can also help facilitate comprehensive internal and user acceptance testing to ensure that your key processes run smoothly.

Benefitting your business

Naturally you would expect the proactive approach to benefit your business. Rather than a faceless software development house, we will ensure that regular face-to-face meetings keep you updated on what's coming up and what you can do about it. Plus our shared software approach will give you a robust, constantly evolving platform for your business applications for years to come.

"I'm told that 50% percent of the systems that Verasseti supports were not originally built by Verasseti. I've never come across another software company prepared to take ownership over systems they didn't build themselves."