Bespoke Business Applications

Bespoke Business Applications

We are experts in creating all types of bespoke business software, including full-blown web applications, phone apps, client portals and internal company software.


Whatever your business application needs, we are ready to design your optimum solution. From charities to the corporate IT world to progressive SMEs and everything in-between, we've been creating successful bespoke solutions for all types of users over twenty years.

Whatever the computer system problems that are besetting your business we can help you to resolve them. Here are a few examples of what we have done:-

We have made a bespoke responsive administration system for the leading outside broadcast company Arena TV, a secure and scalable management system for the Doorstep Library charity, and a pricing and discount system for a leading pharmaceutical company which saves it one hundred million pounds worth of discounts every year.

Our bespoke web applications

Whether you are looking for a system to improve customer service, increase general business efficiency or effectiveness, streamline your processes or just sell more units, we can create a business application for you. This extends to everything from improving front-end customer experiences to automating back-end processes.
Whatever your business application requirement, we are always ready to help to produce the very best solution for our clients.

Some example of business applications

  • Resource scheduling
  • Asset management with QR or barcode scanning
  • Auditing and compliance management
  • Pricing and discounting
  • Financial management and reporting
  • Self-service solutions accessible via office, home or mobile

Why do you need a Bespoke Business Application?

  • Your current system is old and is not coping with the demands you are putting on it
  • You need a new system to improve a current process
  • Your business is merging with another or expanding beyond the capabilities of your current system
  • You are updating from off the shelf solutions
  • You need to modernise and comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation

The Verasseti Philosophy

Our approach is based on a number of essential principals:

User Focused: We are always focused on the requirements of the user, never on the technology for its own sake. If there is a simple solution we will always look at that first. Our aim is to provide the best user experience.

Collaborative: We want to work with you to so that you have as much input into the development of your software as your time allows.

Iterative: We embrace change, and will work with you until you are fully satisfied that the software we produce is the one that satisfies all your aspirations.

Transparent: We provide direct access to all our work at all times so that you can review the process at any time.

The Verasseti Development Process

We build bespoke solutions designed to deliver what you need; built for you, documented to meet your specific standards, and owned by you.

Throughout the development process we will work closely with you to understand how you like to work. We will visit you on site so that we can understand how your business works at the moment, and the current systems you have in place; will discuss with you the problems you feel need addressing and how things can be improved, and finally what your aspirations are for the future.

We start our development process with our Verasseti Secure Framework, which is a successful and fully reliable software framework, tried and tested over many many years, and which has proved a secure base for developing bespoke systems. This framework has been used in dozens of web applications and by thousands of people every day. It incorporates all the features which are common to development builds including security, auditing, data entry, reporting, and importing and exporting data. Your specific requirements are then added to this reliable framework in order to provide you with a unique bespoke solution to all your business needs.

By using the Verasseti Secure Framework we can typically deliver the project in half the time and for half the price of our competitors.

The Key Features of the system are:-

  • Fully standards compliant
  • Database-independent
  • Independently security tested
  • Form Generator
  • Workflow Configurator
  • Multi-language/region
  • Full content management
  • Role-based Security
  • Auditing (to PCI-DSS / SOX level)
  • Forms or Windows Authentication
  • Comprehensive Report Writer
  • Full data import/export
  • E-mail integration including Mail Merge

Where are the applications hosted?

When it comes to hosting business applications the key principles are flexibility and reliability. One option is to host on our own secure web servers, with a second business continuity environment on constant standby for switchover in a business continuity situation. Alternatively you may prefer the flexibility and cost of hosting in the cloud. We offer a cloud hosting solution too.

Many large companies prefer to host internally and we work this way with a number of our clients. We are used to understanding internal IT requirements and complying with documentation and audit requirements.

In short, wherever you prefer to host your business applications, we will be happy to accommodate your requirements.

Who owns the application?

We specialise in simple solutions, so we don’t want you to have issues in the future about licensing or development rights. When we have built the software application for you it is yours. You own the Intellectual Property Rights and there are no licensing fees. You have the freedom of choice about how you want to carry out the long-term maintenance of your product.

Making sure that our clients are satisfied is our prime aim. We are proud of our products, and we will ensure that you have a product you can be proud of too, and one which you are totally comfortable in using. We will make sure that you are fully equipped get the best out of your new software application on delivery. You will be provided with the source code for your app, offered full training on the new system and in addition we offer a comprehensive range of support options, provided by a highly trained friendly UK-based team.

Get in touch with us and tell us your problems and objectives. We will then know how best we can help you. We do not take on any project in which we are not confident of success, and will not waste your time and money with suggestions which are not sensible and don’t have value.

If you feel that the time has come to make a change and improve the way that your IT system works for you, contact us and start the process to an exciting new future for your business.

Like thousands of people before you, if you chose Verasseti to build your bespoke business app, you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

"Verasseti built an entirely bespoke system for us. We looked at packages, but nothing out there could do everything we needed. I'm glad we chose a bespoke approach, and Verasseti to deliver and support that. It's now fundamental to our business and we couldn't be happier."