Why is software important to the pharma industry?


Naturally it should be acknowledged that software is important to all industries these days. Almost nothing happens without computers involvement in any area and even the very last paper-based systems are becoming a thing of the past. Having said that, it could be argued that it is even more important to the Pharmaceutical industry and this article will set out why, from our experience, we believe this to be true.

One of the first reasons why software is so crucial to the Pharma industry is because it is so heavily regulated. Almost everything produced from advertising copy to the products themselves must be medically and technically approved. This approval needs to be accurately recorded and audited in a way that allows regulators to understand who made what decisions when. Alongside this regulation is a further crucial regulation of pricing and changes here also need to be precisely audited. Software is perfectly suited to this task with the ability to either automatically store changes, or provide an easy interface to approvers to store their time-stamped decisions.

Quality and speed are non-negotiable

Another area of vital importance in Pharma is in quality control. This is one of the few industries where small details can be a literal matter of life and death. This means control cannot be left to chance and well-written and tested software is crucial in controlling production, literature and logistics. Rigorous testing of all aspects of production and delivery needs to be carried out in a controlled and repeatable manner, software is perfect for this task as it never forgets and operates the same at all times of the day and night.

In a fast-moving industry like pharmaceuticals time is often of the essence. For example, the faster you can bring a drug to market, without compromising safety, the faster people can benefit from it. Again, software scores here as it allows testing, clinical trials and other data to be shared instantly to a global workforce. Reactions can be recorded in real-time and information shared faster than by other means. In other areas, like pricing, fast response times are also vital. Allowing comparison of prices across multiple markets in equivalent units and fast-tracking approval across multiple disciplines is something only software can manage.

Which parts of Pharma can benefit from software?

It may seem simplistic to say, but absolutely all parts of the pharmaceutical industry can benefit. From drug discovery, through clinical trials, manufacturing, supply chain and on to distribution and marketing, time and quality elements mean secure software is always going to be vital. It's constant availability across timezones and locations mean almost nothing happens in the drug industry without computer support.

Verasseti are pharmaceutical specialists

So, what can Verasseti bring to the table? We are proud to have worked in pharma for over thirty years. Our software has been used in multiple pharmaceutical countries across three continents. Almost all aspects of development, production and sales have benefited from use of our bespoke software at one time or another. Our systems are currently managing clinical trials, production, distribution, pricing, marketing, logistics and data management across the industry.

It will be no surprise then that we are a trusted supplier to a large number of leading pharma companies. Why not give us a call to discuss our experience and what we can bring to your company.