Web Security Consultancy

Cyber Security Company London

Nothing in software development is more topical and important than security and we understand how critical this is to all aspects of business in this day and age.


There are generally two types of web security consultants: those who perform testing and those who help you address the issues that have been found. Here at Verasseti we can undertake both roles, so rather than leaving you in the lurch with list of security issues to resolve, we'll work alongside your development team to help them address these. Or if you would prefer, we can undertake the remedial work for you.

Cyber health check

The trouble with a penetration test is that it is out-of-date pretty much as soon as it is completed. This means that they need to be performed on a regular basis, but also this reminds us of the importance of a holistic approach to checking your cyber security. We can run penetration tests on your web applications but also advise on other measures that can be taken to improve security. We mention auditing below, but workplace practices and security consciousness of your staff can be just as critical.

Site security auditing

Our audits cover all the key areas that you need to consider in a security audit. Penetration testing is just one aspect, we also look at workplace practices, security beyond your office walls and general advice on staying as secure as you can.

Do you have the latest security patches installed? Are your staff fully briefed on the dos and don'ts of security in the office and outside? Is your password strategy sensible and enforcable? We consider all these issues alongside a full audit of your hardware and software from a security point of view.

Why use us?

Whether we are auditing, penetration testing or dealing with security issues, our holistic approach means we are great choice as security partners. We are regularly penetration tested ourselves and audited by the BSI to ISO 27001 standards, so we understand the process from both sides.

"We have used penetration testing companies before, but they have always simply e-mailed us a report with a bunch of recommendations. Verasseti's report was different, it gave clear guidance on exactly what we had to do, and they were happy to work alongside our developers to support them achieving that."